See you down the front!

What Others have said

"Post punk psychedelic songs with dark poetic lyrics, a driving bass and a vocal reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux within spitting distance of Patti Smith"

​"Phoenix Chroi lyrics have the optimism that only anger in the present can engender, a rich pull on the words and stories of the past and cultures flown. The trademark driving bass brings the energy of  optimistic lyric to an often more menacing turn whilst the vocals can lull you with sweetness and vulnerability then shake you with their power"

"The power of the Phoenix. From the moment the bass started it was like a call to duty, we went to the front and the vocals kicked in. Wow!"

About the Band

Phoenix Chroi was formed from the ashes of the IPO Mob, an East London post punk band. Joe Buck - writer, singer and bassist with FBI and other late 70's/early 80's punk bands and a successful session musician for Recession Recordings, whose clientèle included The Clash, Madness, The Dammed, and the Pogues; and Elaine McGinty - a second generation Irish singer songwriter, continued writing as a duo. The pair worked on other musical projects, infusing different cultural influences, and brought in musicians to collaborate and work with.They continue to mentor other musicians in developing their own original projects.

Darren Patoto, Graeme Reeves and Dave Leak have been enlisted to complete the line-up and help infuse the Phoenix Chroi songs with their unique talents,drawn from their experience over many years of writing and playing,making them the modern anthems they are- the whole band bringing a depth of musicianship in each of their fields and writing songs able to throw out the anger at what is now, the optimism of what is possible, and bringing grown men to tears in a set of beautifully crafted songs exploding out of a powerful live performance. 

Phoenix Chroi have been gigging extensively throughout 2014/15/16 playing with prestigious acts such as: Richie Ramone, The Avengers, and Menace, as well as various punk rock festivals. Their first album "Songs from the Last Five Years" was released during this time. The band have released a 2nd album Humanity Lands in Feb 2017 and are opening a non profit community live music venue The Fiery Bird in their town In Spring 2017